• My Mission Statement, My Clients

  • Mission Statement to my Clients

    Customer service and support is something that has been forgotten by many companies. There's no pride, no caring for the quality of their work, and they are even hesitance to pick up the phone or even visit with their most loyal clients.

    All businesses are wanting more clients, so they can make more profit. We all like profit, right? After all, I like to eat well, and enjoy a good life, but I strongly believe in treating my clients like real people, and not just a number or a dollar-sign.

    After being in business for 15+ years, I began to realize that the more clients I had, the less attention I was able to devote to each. I mean there are only a limited amount of hours in a day, and I couldn't dedicate as much time as I would like to each of my clients. Therefore, I could only work on a client's design/website for a couple of hours each day before going on to the next. I felt agitated and hurried. I started to recognize that if I had fewer clients, and then worked on them one at a time until their design/website was finished, I’d get more done. And, on the plus side, the quality of my design or website would also be superior, and in the end my clients felt more appreciated.

    So, fewer clients, and more devotion is now my motto. I'm here to build a close working relationship with each and every client. I will take on new clients, but I'm not going to spend too much time chasing what I don't have when I can concentrate on what I do have.

    I’m devoted to excellence, and great customer service. And, I just loath being looked at as just another account number. I have a name, I have a face, I have a personality, and so do you! I never want to have an automated phone system that asks you to press twenty different numbers just to reach somebody in India. Or someone who pretends to know your problem, but really hasn't a clue. I will be here for you 24/7, and you will have my personal mobile number for emergencies. You will be able to reach me when you need me most. And, I’m almost always near a computer, so Email is both my friend and yours. Find out more in our About Us page.

    Richard A Guidry

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