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    Hello, my name is Richard Guidry. I am a Freelance Website Designer specializing in custom website design and development. My team, and I have been doing website design work for over 15 years. We have worked with many clients like Stacy's Got Greek, Wings Over Colorado and Cara Bella Studio.

    I create websites based on my clients needs. I work with them to ensure that the final product is one they are proud to call their own.

    I was Born and raised in Morgan City, Louisiana, but I have happily called Lafayette, Louisiana my home for the past 5 years. I enjoy the building and designing interactive websites, as well as graphic imaging. I enjoy working within Adobe Photoshop and Wordpress. I am a full-time technical analyst working exclusively with Microsoft Windows and Servers, however I do recommend, offer, and recommend Linux for hosting your website.

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    Richard Guidry
    1+ (337) 251-1431
  • Co-Owner — Linux Administrator

    Sean Guidry
    1+ (337) 251-0123
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    Working closely with a Freelance designer gives you a personal, private, one-to-one service that no large design company beat.

    There are many benefits to working with a Freelance designer. For instance low overheads, no long wait queues, latest technologies, we're better skilled, and one-to-one communications.

    When I'm working on your design, I will stay on your design until it has been complete. I’ll be your main point of contact at all times, thus avoiding any communication delays. Freelance designers like myself often work from home which means savings for you.

    I won't try to sell you an expensive, one of a kind Content Management Systems if I don't think you’ll need one. With so many open source projects these days, 99% of websites can be created using existing (free) CMS platforms. I've been working with, and customizing WordPress for over 5 years, so I know I can find one that can meets your needs.

    However, if there should come a time where you are looking for something that goes beyond my field of expertise, I have a contacts that I regularly work with. These include other Freelance designers, content writers, and coders. This means you’ll have all those skills working for you as well.

    From the beginning to the end of your design, you are talking to the creative Freelance designer developing your website. So, your specifications do not need to be relayed to multiple persons before a specific action is taken.

    There are no separate team managers, senior designers, or even junior designers, all having different ideas of what your final design should be. You, along with the Freelance designer are in full control.

    You are hiring one single person to be 100% responsible for your website’s design. And, your phone calls go straight to the Freelance designer working on your project, not some manager, or worse a sales person!

    With the majority of Freelance designers working from home, we can often share our savings made through low overheads on to you. And, any design alterations can often be made immediately after you request them.

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